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Bohemian Taboo Stories - Book About People, Who Do Something Sexy

Bohemians are usually artists - painters, photographers, poets, sculptors. Bohemia is the westernmost and largest historical region of Czech Republic. There is great history in erotic art in Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia or Austria-Hungary before. We give to the world such a great erotic artist as Egon SchieleAlphonse MuchaFrantisek DrtikolJan SaudekToyenRobert VanoKája Saudek and many others have come from or worked in this part of the world. The very first erotic film in history was Gustav Machatý's Ecstasy from 1933 and the oldest clay statue depicting a naked woman in the world is the rare Venus of Věstonice

‚Bohemian Taboo Stories – Book about people, who do something sexy‘, is a book aiming to contribute to destigmatisation of taboo eroticism or human sexuality as well as to discourse on true moral values in a society where eroticism and sex usually appear as another issue, instead of dealing with the true problems. The book is a collection of twenty interesting stories of people from Prague, The Czech Republic, who found the courage to get to know themselves as well as their bodies and their true erotic needs and, in their profession or leisure time, chose a direction which eroticism and sex is, in one way or another, reflected, whether directly.

To be found in the Bohemian Taboo Stories book, are stories of people from the most varied spheres. From scientists working for the Laboratory of evolution sexology and psychopathology within the National Institute of Mental Health, historians, actors, artists, performers, writers, psychologists, photographers, sexual assistants to organizers of fetish events and many other.

The readers therefore have an opportunity to identify with some of those Stories which could show them a way to come to terms with themselves and to live in harmony with their inner disposition in a manner that would not lead to hurting others as well as themselves owing to barriers which they constructed within themselves as a result of social conventions and stereotypes and which do not allow them to live their lives fully or, worse still, make them feel traumatized by guilt or shame. They will also be able to gain a deeper understanding of people who are wrongly described as deviants and perceived as dangerous or at least strange. The aim of the Bohemian Taboo company is to open discussions about those topics, teach public about erotic art, help to create better education program and help individuals who are feeling frustrated by society.

It is also accompanied with illustrations and photographs and, in respect of content as well as graphic design, it is expected to be among the most interesting books on the book market in recent years. At the same time, the publishing of the book expected to be accompanied by discussions and pop-up exhibitions.

Founder Bohemian Taboo is currently processing numerous other themes and experiences of interesting people and new topics are constantly coming in. It is therefore very likely the book will have a sequel.

Although people whose stories are presented in the book come from or live in the Czech Republic, the theme in question is universal and relevant also within the international context, above all, within the transatlantic civilization. For this reason, we would like to translate Bohemian Taboo Stories in to English if we see your interest and support.

What will you learn in the Bohemian Taboo Stories?

  • Who is behind a small Prague shop with the provocative name Little Fetish Shop.
  • Why was the admired corset artist Riwaa Nerona’s the best friend sewing machine in her childhood.
  • What led the famous Czech writer and historian to write the bestseller Sex and Erotica in the Time of King Charles IV.
  • Why non-profit company the Risk-free Pleasure has been supporting prostitutes and preventing sexually transmitted diseases for over a quarter of a century.
  • How the renaissance and tireless organizer of the Prague Fetish Weekend perceives himself.
  • What is the charm of a photographer who became famous for his Orgasmic Portraits of women.
  • What coincidence decided that the two psychologists decided to combine their lives in personal and professional life and decided to provide BDSM psychological counseling services together under the name Varias.
  • How she decided to turn her unpleasant experiences with rape into something beneficial for the founder of Konsent and the #whenshedoesntlike campaign.
  • What does sexual research look like under the leadership of the head of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Sexology and Psychopathology of the National Institute of Mental Health.
  • What influenced the life of Katastrofé so much that she writes erotic literature and paints pictures full of sexuality.
  • What a promising Czech photographer had to experience, who, due to a lack of suitable models, eventually preferred to learn to sew himself and founded the Born !N Porn brand.
  • When the son of a famous Czech musician who emigrated to Switzerland decided to return to Prague and why he became the king of Czech burlesque with his Prague Burleque.
  • How it happened that a believing Catholic, a teacher at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University, began teaching Pornography and New Media.
  • What was the path of founder of the non-profit organization Freya, which is dedicated to sexual assistance for the disabled and the elderly.
  • Why Czech Republic has the largest collector of erotic Ex-libris in the world.
  • What is the world like in which the writer and founder of the Roticon sci-fi literature erotica festival lives.
  • When the co-founder of Prague Pride found out she was a lesbian.
  • How sexuality affects the plays of Czech popular screenwriters and actors which also gave rise to the F.X.Kalby theater.
  • What end of the rope is pulling the internationally acclaimed rigger Edna Kinbaku.
  • What led photographer Henryk Mrejzek to found Bohemian Taboo and work on Bohemian Taboo Stories.



And then, one day… I am putting away linen, brought home after mangling, to a linen cupboard. We put it on the very bottom shelf so I am bent down, my back facing my father and his minions. 

“Wouldn’t you like to have her?” I immediately stand up straight as if hearing a gunshot. Father’s buddies appear amused. I feel like being stripped naked. I turn red and, for a moment, I am unable to speak. 

I am struggling to wriggle out of a hot, heavy net they threw on me. I feel it as deep as my throat, it pulls me down to the floor. I cannot allow this to happen. Where are my reins? Didn’t I feel it firmly in my hands in the past? Unable to see, I am trying to feel what is around me and… Here they are! I squeeze them so hard, they tear my skin. The pain, exhaustion from many years of defending myself, as if both falling down from my shoulders, into the net, into the earth, into hell and in comes the long-desired rage. Never again I’m letting go of it. From now on I am the one to decide my direction. Starting from now. “What? You can’t be serious! How do you dare?” I went completely berserk. I am running to my mum, I feel feverish, I am screaming, tears running down my cheeks. Mother looks somewhat bewildered. I shake here, only lightly but she suddenly seems to me as lost in her own world. There is no way I am putting up with this! I pick up the phone and call the emergency helpline.



We are partying, partying, partying and the life is picking up the full speed and there is no way of stopping it. There is no way of stopping me. I am picking up girls and fuck some of them from time to time… Just kidding, I always fuck them. Shit, there something missing there… there is something missing there again, like in the fairy tale from my childhood. So I go out and buy some police handcuffs. I install the space bar behind the bed. Mother pretends she knows nothing about it. Her Christian upbringing prevents her from talking about it with me. And there is no need, anyway. She respects me and is let me live. I have my freedom and I am grateful for it. 

Girls leave my room with bruises on their wrists. The handcuffs are made of disgusting heavy iron. It must be bloody painful. But this is the way we want it. I want it this way… Hang on!… Is it really what she wants too? I am not an idiot and so I ask my own conscience whether I know for sure she wants it this way… A bit of tightening up, a bit of strangulation, a bit of immobilization… Yes! That’s exactly it. Man is a form of predator and all of them want to be fucked properly sometimes… But the upset girl I am on the top of might mean the “NO! NO! NO!” of hers fucking seriously…


My body has grown scarily taller. There is something sticking out everywhere. I look completely different than those pretty, proportionate girls worshipped and pampered by everybody in may class. My legs are endless, I am not even able to fit them under the school desk! I could put a pint glass on each of my hips. Small, sunken eyes, disgustingly high cheekbones. As if evil goblin creators had an argument, each of them pulling a different part of my body. They shout over one another: I am the most important! No, I am! Let go! They are pulling in every direction. The only somehow forgot my slim waist. But it will not be seen by anybody anyway. Because I hide it in the depths of huge sweatshirts, the largest that can be bought in my little town. I am trying to hide my awkward legs but all skirts are too short for me. I make my eyes up all around with black Kajal pencil and cover my already pale complexion with baby powder. I saw it in pictures on the internet. I see it as amusing. Finally, I can make some change. It actually does not matter what change; the main thing is that I can be different at last. There is no point to compare myself with anybody because I simply am different. 

Author:Michal Rejzek, Marketa Mathauser Malinova, Linda Urbaskova, Lubos Y. Kolacek, Edna Kinbaku, Marketa Lustigova, Tomas Dianiska, Katerina Saparova, Otto M. Urban
Cover, graphic design:Tomas Cikan
First edition:1500
Number of pages:352
Photo:Lucie Kout, Petr Jedinak, Henryk Mrejzek, Robert Rambousek, Danny Worm, Leah Takata, Vaclav Jirasek, Bet Orten, Martin Faltejsek
Print:Grafico s. r. o.
Proofreading:Hana Lundiakova
Publisher:Bohemian Taboo s. r. o.
Surface treatment:plastic cover with censor function
Tisk:Grafico s. r. o.
Typesetting:Tomas Cikan
Weight:1440 g
Note:20 chapters, 38 illustrations a 55 photographs
Size:264 x 215 x 32 mm
Editor:Lubos Y. Kolacek
Year of issue:2019