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Bohemian Taboo Road Show

11/25/2022 — 11/25/2022, 18:00


Bohemian Taboo is a platform dedicated to education, personal development, support of contemporary art, alternative communities, research and assistance in activities that overlap with sexuality and eroticism. Now it comes with a program focused on what we call erotic intelligence. Through visual design, discussion, literature and the performing arts, she wants to open up the theme of the importance of intimacy, gender, nudity, sexuality and eroticism, as well as the censorship and banning that increasingly affects creative artists and performers. This programme is entitled Bohemian Taboo Road Show with the subtitle "How to develop erotic intelligence"


Visitors can enjoy original large and small format photography, oils on canvas, digital printmaking, unique intimate apparel designs, hand-sewn crotchless lingerie, Japanese bondage shibari, acrobatic performances, burlesque, and an immersive light and dance show. A reading by the co-author of Bohemian Taboo Stories. There will also be an opportunity to buy or order the works and merchandise on display during the evening. At the end of the program there will be an autograph session. An important part of the program is a panel discussion, moderated by writer, poet and slammer Anna Beata Háblova.

Among the exhibitors and performers, let us mention BoomCats, Sheio, Linda Zhengova, Mario Izmael de la Paz Roa, Silvia Kořistkova, Mio, Linda Vokál, Markéta Mathauser Malinová, Scutica, Hana Lundiakova Stinka, Jakub Neufuss, Anna Kopková, Kobayashi, ONNA, SisterHoop Acrobatic Duo, Bohemian Burlesque, Iamer, Robert Rambousek and Hedonist. More names and times will be announced in the coming days on the Bohemian Taboo website and social media.

Schedule - 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Doors open, free pop-up exhibition tour 
Musical performance
Author's reading
Performance with Japanese shibari art
Acrobatic performance
Panel discussion: Development of erotic intelligence through art and the danger of its censorship
Burlesque performance
Dance performance
Signing session

Dress code for this event is voluntary. Elegance, creativity, originality or just what you feel comfortable in is appropriate.

Tickets presale at GoOut.cz for 790 CZK for standing, 990 CZK for seating. In the day of the event at doors for 990 CZK for standing and 1,190 CZK for seating. 


Facebook event

The aim of the Bohemian Taboo Road Show is to provide a space for creators to present and the public to discuss topics related to intimacy, sexuality and eroticism in artistic, scientific or historical work. Visual artists who also work with themes of intimacy, nudity, eroticism and sexuality in their work have faced more and more censorship of their work in recent years. This is a modern form of censorship on the internet, especially on the social networks Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and others.  The reasons are not so much legislative or social, but primarily corporate. The original intention was merely to prevent minors from viewing pornography on social networks, but today, thanks to machine learning, which is unable to distinguish pornography from other works, there is massive censorship, so-called banning, of any work with this theme, while pornography remains on the Internet. Creators who want to present their work on social networks then have to devalue their work in various destructive ways, and even then, they are often faced with the deletion of content or entire accounts. The situation is already worrying many renowned galleries and museums, as even the works of famous artists are deleted. The Bohemian Taboo has therefore been discussing the dangers of this censorship with the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic since August 2022 and has also been talking about it in the media. 

Event partners

The XXX magazine from Discarded