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Bohemian Taboo Stories book crowdfunding

5/28/2019 — 7/12/2019, 12:00

Are you interested in human sexuality? Then you might be interested to know that we have finished a book called Bohemian Taboo Stories. A book about people whose work touches on sexuality and eroticism. Thirteen co-authors, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators worked on its content for almost two years.  But it is easier to find sponsors for a political campaign for the Castle than for something related to sexuality, eroticism or nudity. That's why we decided to hold a fundraiser on HitHit and ask you to help us so we can publish this literary and visually beautiful book this fall. But Bohemian Taboo doesn't want to stick with one book. If we see that you are interested in this topic, we will create a platform suitable for education, personal development, support of contemporary art, alternative communities, research, and assisting in activities that overlap into the realm of human sexuality. 

We need 390,000 CZK to publish the book. But the value of something that a team of people has been working on with passion for years is very difficult to measure. The cost of producing a single copy is the value of a medium supermarket shop. But the more you donate, the more beautiful the book we can make for you. On better paper, in a cool binding, we'd like to make an e-book and an audiobook, and we'll make the book itself with extras to give it an even more unique feel. But we have a lot of other things planned. If you are interested in our project and support us, we would like to organize a few more side things for you. Exhibitions, author readings, lectures, workshops... We would also like to do Bohemian Taboo merchandies and an e-shop with aesthetic and valuable things related to sexuality, erotic art, film and design accessories. We have a lot of plans.



Who is behind the small Žižkov shop with the provocative name Little Fetish Shop

Why the sewing machine was the childhood best friend of the admired corsetiere Riwya Nerone

What motivated the famous Czech writer and historian to write the bestseller Sex and Eroticism in the Time of Charles IV.

What is the world in which the writer and founder of the Roticon festival of erotica in science fiction literature lives

Why Pleasure Without Risk has been dedicated to supporting prostitutes and preventing sexually transmitted diseases for over 25 years

What influenced Katastrofé so much as a child that she now devotes herself to painting pictures and writing books with erotic themes

How the renaissance man and tireless organizer of Prague Fetish Weekend sees himself

How it is that a devout Catholic, a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University, began teaching a course on Pornography and New Media

How a former Reflex photographer began to focus on Orgasmic Portraits of Women

That we have the largest collector of erotic ex-libris in the world in the Czech Republic

What was the path to the creation of Freya, a non-profit organization dedicated to sexual assistance for the disabled and the elderly

What motivated Henryk Mrejzek to found Bohemian Taboo

How the founder of Konsent decided to turn her unpleasant experiences into something useful

How sexual research is conducted under the guidance of the head of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Sexology and Psychopathology of the National Institute of Mental Health in Klecany

What a promising Czech photographer had to go through, who, for lack of suitable models, eventually learned to sew himself and founded the Born !n Porn brand

Which end of the rope does internationally acclaimed rigger Edna Kinbaku pull

When did the son of a famous Czech musician who emigrated to Switzerland decide to return to Prague and why did he become the king of Czech burlesque with his Prague Burleque

What coincidence decided that two psychologists decided to combine their personal and professional lives, providing psychological counselling services under the name Varias

When did the co-founder of Prague Pride find out she was a lesbian

How loves and misadventures have contributed to Therése Rosier being one of today's sought-after painters and admired burlesque dancers

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