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Are you a painter, designer, photographer, sculptor, performer and do you work with themes of nudity, intimacy, provocation, sexuality, figurative work and eroticism? We collectively call this creative activity EROTIC ART, as is common in many countries.  Are you professionally engaged in SEXUAL WELLBEING? That is, do you organize events, courses, seminars or counseling focused on personal development, researchers, experiences or education in the field of sexuality, intimate relationships and eroticism? Or are you an organiser, have your own brand, gallery or do research into any of the above? Take advantage of the introductory terms and have your work or events listed in the Bohemian Taboo online catalogue. We give opportunities to established artists, personalities and brands, as well as those lesser known or up-and-coming. We are interested in original works and events with added value, i.e. art, design, education, health, self-development, community research, for example:


photography, paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings, videos, NFT, nudes, erotic art, nudes, figurative painting


literature, poems, short stories, novels, visual art, history, haiku, personal development, partner relationships


intimate and erotic aids, furniture, clothing, latex, leather, bdsm, fetish, t-shirts, lingerie


courses, seminars, counselling, consultations, research


neo tantra, tantra, bdsm, shibari, bondage, massage, partner programs


exhibitions, burlesque, pride, shibari, performance, acrobatics, pole dance, discussions, talks, christenings, openings, fire shows, gogo, author readings


markets, conferences, fairs, festivals

Medical and aesthetic intimate interventions

Aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, intimate body modifications, piercings etc.



First of all an uncensored space for the presentation and sale of art and design works, products, services and events on a platform specialized in the field of erotic art and sexual wellbeing. Among the benefits we offer you, we select the following:
A profile in the online catalogue of the Bohemian Taboo website
Sharing your profile and information about you on our social networks
The opportunity to sell your selected works, products, services or events in the Bohemian Taboo e-shop in the Czech Republic and all around the world
The opportunity to present and sell your selected works and products at Bohemian Taboo events in the Czech Republic
Publicity and PR support for your events
Inclusion in the Creator of the Week section (in progress)
Publishing the interview on the web and social media
Opportunity to publish erotic art photographs in Discarded XXX magazine online and in the print edition
Sharing links to your own website and social networks
Adding among the Bohemian Taboo partners
PR and media support
Use of the latest digital technologies such as blockchain, NFT and Metaverse (in progress)
Connections to other interesting personalities, events and brands
Selected artists also exclusive agency representation   
A basic annual fee of 55 EUR / year for inclusion of a profile in the online catalogue is sufficient to start the cooperation. In case of interest and for more detailed terms of cooperation and additional services, please contact us by e-mail at info@bohemiantaboo.com and send us samples of your work or events in the field of sexuality, nudity, eroticism and intimate relationships.  
We reserve the right to politely decline certain works or personalities if they do not fit our concept. We are not interested in conventional comedy pornography, sex shops or erotic or sexual products or services without added artistic, alternative or educational value. We have nothing against them, we just believe that this sector is fully self-sufficient and does not need our support.
We want to support interesting, original, talented and courageous creators, activists and organisers. We want to educate and cultivate society, and show it that there is a lot of good erotic art, design products or services that have nothing to do with commercial pornography, and that it is as good to watch, collect, absorb or support them as it has ever been in history. Our goal is to develop erotic intelligence.

The price list and the list of documents we need from you can be found here.