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Bohemian Taboo Stories book
The book "Bohemian Taboo Stories - A Book About People Who Do Something Sexy" aims to contribute to the destigmatization of taboo erotica or human sexuality and also to the discussion of real moral values in a society where erotica and sex usually appear as a proxy topic instead of solving real problems. The book is a collection of twenty interesting stories of people from the Czech Republic who have found the courage to get to know themselves and their bodies, their real erotic needs, and have chosen a direction in their profession or leisure time that reflects eroticism and sex, either directly or indirectly.
In the book Bohemian Taboo Stories you will find stories of people from various spheres. From scientists working for the Laboratory of Evolutionary Sexology and Psychopathology at the National Institute of Mental Health, to historians, actors, artists, performers, writers, psychologists, photographers, sexual assistants, fetish event organizers, and many more.
Readers thus have the opportunity to identify with some of these stories, which might show them the way to come to terms with themselves and live in accordance with their inner dispositions in a way that does not lead to hurting others and themselves because of the barriers they have built up within themselves as a result of social conventions and stereotypes that do not allow them to live fully, or worse, cause them trauma from guilt or shame. They will also be able to gain a deeper understanding of people who are wrongly labelled as deviant and perceived as dangerous or at least strange.
The goal of Bohemian Taboo Stories is to open up discussion about these issues, educate the public about erotic art, help create a better educational program, and support individuals and artists who feel frustrated by censorship and prejudice.
The book is accompanied by illustrations and photographs and is one of the most interesting books in the book market in recent years, both in terms of content and graphics. Unfortunately, the planned accompanying activities have been disrupted by the COVID19 pandemic, but we are now preparing a composite programme called the Bohemian Taboo Road Show, which will include author readings, discussions, pop-up exhibitions and other accompanying events.
The book Bohemian Taboo Stories, whose creation was supported by contributors of the crowdfunding campaign on HitHit.cz, has received great publicity in the local media with excellent reviews. It also met with very positive reactions from the public. But it has also seen international success, having been featured at the International Festival Of Erotic Arts 2020 and Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2020, and excerpts from the book were published in their Literary Art Anthology 2020. In 2021, illustrations and photographs from the book were exhibited in the Bohemian Taboo exhibition at Collective Gallery & Art Project Space in St. Albans, UK.


00/ Introduction - Otto M. Urban
01/ Pulling at both ends of the rope (story of Edna Kinbaku) - text: Edna Kinbaku, photos: Henryk Mrejzek
02/ Powerlessness as a teacher (story of Lucie Šídová - Freya) - text: Markéta Mathauser Malinová, illustrations: Myokard
03/ The Diva Halved in Half (story of Riwa Nerona) - text: Markéta Mathauser Malinová, photos: Lucie Kout, Danny Worm
04/ Butterflies are out of fashion, so I'm attracted to a collection of condoms (story of Kamil Janis - ExLibris), text: Markéta Mathauser Malinová, illustrations: Martina Kurková Nožičková
05/ The Normal Weirdness of Mila Bugtcher (story of Mila Bugtcher - Prague Fetish Weekend) - text: Linda Urbášková, photos: Danny Worm, Henryk Mrejzek
06/ Erotic-magical reminiscences (story of Luboš Y. Koláček - Sex and Eroticism in the times of Charles IV) - text: Luboš Y. Koláček, illustrations: Daniel Kurz
07/ A place where they can measure your desire (story of Katerina Klapilova - Laboratory of Evolutionary Sexology and Psychopathology) - text: Karel Králík, photos: Henryk Mrejzek
08/ If she doesn't want it, don't do it! (story of Johanna Nejedlová - Konsent) - text: Linda Urbášková, illustration: Daniel Kurz
09/ The Emigrant Who Made Burlesque Famous in Prague (story of David Jahn - Prague Burlesque) - text: Henryk Mrejzek, photos: Václav Jirásek, Bet Orten
10/ Theatre full of prostitutes (story of Hana Malinova - Delight without risk) - text: Linda Urbášková, illustrations: Martina Kurková Nožičková
11/ Road over the bridge when you don't want to go back (story of Petra Tvar and Matylda Leash - Little Fetish Shop) - text: Markéta Mathauser Malinová, photos: Robert Rambousek
12/ Pamper your demons, you have nothing better (story by Katastrofé) - text and illustrations: Katastrofé
13/ Enjoy it, because it just happens (story by Danny Worm - Born !n Porn) - text: Markéta Lustigová, photos: Martin Faltejsek, Danny Worm
14/ Personal academic confession of an erotic theorist (story of Matěj Vaněček - Pornography and New Media) - text: Luboš Y. Koláček, illustrations: Martina Kurková Nožičková
15/ Prague Pride Director and Lesbian Mother (story of Kateřina Saparová - Prague Pride) - text: Kateřina Saparová, Luboš Y. Koláček, photos: Danny Worm, Leah Takata, Milan Mošna
16/ Someone likes it written (story of Hanina Veselé - Roticon) - text: Markéta Mathauser Malinová, illustrations: Myokard
17/ I am free and happy (story of Petr Jedinák - Orgasmic portraits) - text: Markéta Lustigová, photos: Petr Jedinák
18/ Let flowers of all colours bloom (story of Zdeňka and Marek Pospíšil - Varias) - text: Markéta Lustigová, illustrations: Daniel Kurz
19/ A Brief History of Immorality (the story of Tomáš Dianiška - F. X. Kalby Theatre) - text: Tomáš Dianiška, photos: Henryk Mrejzek
20/ Tales of a Thousand and One Nights (story of Michal Rejzek - Henryk Mrejzek) - text and photos: Henryk Mrejzek


















Thank you to the all co-authors, contributors, partners and everyone else who helped us to the create the Bohemian Taboo Stories book.