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Temporary restriction of traffic and communication for serious personal reasons

Due to serious personal reasons, our current activities are very limited and we will respond to all communications on an ongoing basis as we are able. Thank you for your understanding.

Kateřina Lesch from Deloitte will open the topic of art vs. porn in the age of AI at WebExpo

Whether browsing social networks or searching online, the art community has been experiencing massive banning of its work recently. In particular, pieces that focus on eroticism are losing the opportunity to present themselves digitally. 

Despite a naked body being an inspiration for both recognized and aspiring artists since the beginning of humanity, erotic art is now vanishing from the internet. Yet, tons of porn is still available online. Why is this happening? What is the social impact? And is there any solution to this situation? AI expert Kateřina Lesch from Deloitte, who was a panelist in our discussion How to Develop Erotic Intelligence at the Bohemia Taboo Road Show in November, will take a closer look at this tricky and sensitive topic in her lecture at WebExpo on April 20 at 5 pm in Marble Hall.

Kateřina is a data scientist with a background in natural language processing (NLP) and a PhD in computation linguistics. She previously worked as a product developer and business consultant specialising in text analytics and is now a semantic data science lead and senior manager within the AI & Data team at Deloitte. Kateřina’s research mainly deals with sentiment analysis and information extraction. She also has expertise in cognitive automation and forensic linguistics.

Whoop·de·doo intimate products at our website

Now you can buy Whoop·de·doo intimate products for women on our website, which are full of tenderness and purity and sensitively open up the topics of sexual health. Order Whoop·de·doo products HERE

Bohemian Taboo Road Show Prague stop announced names of other performers

In addition to the previously announced Bimbarium, which will present its unique social play DingDong on 14 October 2023 at the Prague stop of the Bohemian Taboo Road Show, more names of performers have been added - the rigger Diana Vera, the burlesques Zorya Blue and Lotta Love and the theatre troupe Rozkoš.

Diana Vera is a professional rigger. Since 2015, she has been providing individual bondage sessions called shibari sessions, teaching shibari classes, facilitating women's rope circles, organizing events for the BDSM community, and teaching couples privately. She binds men, women and everyone in between. She is inspired by tantra, theatre and various therapeutic directions. She says, "Bound body, free mind."  

Blue Burlesque Show - Zorya Blue and Lotta Love - emotion, glamour, fun. You can look forward to a performance full of elegance, art and incredible emotions, following the motto Burlesque your life! During the show from the production of Zorya Blue will perform Slovak perfomer and founder of Bratislava Burlesque, ethereal Lotta Love with an emotional number Ghost. You'll also see Zorya Blue show you what happens when a perfomer returns home after a performance - and there's a surprise in store for you during this number. 

Rozkos - The Delight amateur theatre troupe operates within R-R as part of therapy and job skills training for female clients. Roles not filled by R-R clients are played by supporters, staff and people from other marginalized groups such as the homeless, HIV positive and others.

Tantric SOFAah! at our catalogue and e-shop

We are pleased to introduce the brand SOFAah! and their eponymous design tantric chair. You can now order it in a variety of colour options. But SOFAah! is not just for intimate moments, some customers have also taken it into their offices, receptions or events. SOFAah! created by Honza Fišera is a real interior design masterpiece.

We have been nominated for the national finals of the Creative Business Cup 2023!

We are very happy! Bohemian Taboo was selected among the 10 best creative startups in the Czech Republic by an expert committee of the CzechInvest agency and has been nominated for the national finals of the Creative Business Cup 2023. We will be competing in this competition in Usti nad Labem on March 26th to qualify for the global final, which will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 5th 2023.

It's a small step for humanity, but a big one for the development of erotic intelligence!

More info



Creative Business Cup

Pacifistick DingDong by Bimbarium will cure you of shame

We are excited to announce the first name of the programme of the Prague stop of the Bohemian Taboo Road Show, which will take place on October 14, 2023 at Akropolis Palace. You will experience something you never dreamed of in your wildest dreams. You'll get a good dose of fun, more or less fair personal fights, you'll get your hands on some solid-sized drumsticks and you'll learn how to throw in style. No, it's not about any perverse practices, but about a unique new sport aspiring to the Olympycs called Pacifistic DingDong performed by Bimbarium! Using a technique similar to throwing knives, Bimbas will hit several aimless dickheads with their weapons and you'll have the power to destroy their military hardware. At the end, there will be a championship with the winner taking home a valuable trophy. More about Bimbarium can be found here: 

Bohemian Taboo Road Show 23 in Palác Akropolis

The Bohemian Taboo Road Show 23, which will travel to the regions this year, will end on 14 October 2023 at the Akropolis Palace, where the first ever event of this name took place last year. The organizer of the Bohemian Taboo Road Show is the non-profit organization Nepuri z.s. Information about the names of the performers and performers will be provided on an ongoing basis. Tickets for the final Bohemian Taboo Road Show are on pre-sale at GoOut.cz.

Details about the event can be found here

A video clip from our first Bohemian Taboo Road Show

A video clip from our first Bohemian Taboo Road Show, which took place on November 25, 2022 in Prague's Akropolis Palace, is now available on our YouTube channel. Recall the discussion, the art and design works and the captivating performances we prepared for you with the performers.

The non-profit Nepuri z.s. was founded with the domain Nepuritan.cz

Bohemian Taboo has co-founded Nepuri z.s., a non-profit organization that will have the power to better assist painters, photographers, sculptors, dancers, actors, singers, performers, poets, stand-up comedians, various ensembles and other creative artists who work with themes of intimacy, sexuality, nudity and eroticism. It will have the power to connect them more effectively with galleries, curators, media, philanthropists, art collectors, investors, and to apply for grants, subsidies, sponsorships and partnerships. This will give artists better opportunities to present and sell their work, organize exhibitions, performances, talk shows, workshops, discussions, conferences and other events. We also want to start supporting artists financially, either through the Nepuritan of the Year Awards or through contributions to residencies or events abroad. Membership in the association is primarily for artists and organisations, but anyone can get involved and support the work of the association. From subscribing to the newsletter, to volunteering, to actively co-determining the activities of the society, to philanthropy, sponsorship or partnership. For more information, visit www.nepuritan.cz

Bára Alex Kašparová will be one of the panelists at the discussion panel

Bára Alex Kašparová is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the cultural monthly Artikl. She runs the Curator Contemporary gallery.

She consistently follows the most diverse manifestations of culture. She is the curator of the PRO ART project focused on contemporary visual art. She prepares the programme ArtZóna for ČT art. She is a photographer, publicist and critic.

We are happy to have her as a panelist at our Bohemian Taboo Road Show.

photokredit: Zuzana Veselá

Bohemian Taboo Road Show starts on November 25, 2022 in Prague

The Bohemian Taboo Road Show, which we have been preparing and planning for 2020 and 2021, is finally starting! The launch of this event will take place on November 25, 2022 at the Akropolis Palace in Prague.


We opened discussion about art censorship in Czech TV

The Phenomenon of the last ArtZóna on ČT Art i Czech TV was devoted to the male nude and also to the issue of art censorship. The guests were the curator Lucia L. Fišerová and the outstanding artist, photographer Ivan Pinkava. On behalf of Bohemian Taboo, we briefly commented on the still quite neglected censorship and banning of art on the internet and social networks. 

We highly recommend not only Phenomenon, but also the entire ArtZóna edition! And thanks to Czech Television for the invitation. You can find the show on iVysilani or directly here.

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A panel discussion will take place at PFW 2022

As part of this year's Entree Prague Fetish Weekend, which will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2022 at the Prague club Kotelna, the discussion panel Bohemian Taboo on the topic How to develop erotic intelligence will be held from 10 pm. In addition to the already announced first public appearance of Markéta from the Simrani podcast, we are pleased to announce the second guest, who will be the Scutica evangelist Honza.

The moderator of this discussion will be Czech Slam Champion Filip Koryta aka Dr. Filipitch. You can look forward to a debate about what we can and should do to ensure that we as a humanity don't end up with just porn or, on the contrary, give unnecessary space to harmful stigma and prejudice. We'll also have fun about how we can help others, what to be cautious about, and most importantly how to enjoy the BDSM world as safely and intelligently as possible. Since there are not many tickets left, we recommend that you do not hesitate to buy tickets. The discussion will be held in Czech.

Artists in Slovakia censored an exhibition

The owner of the exhibition space in Bratislava's Jurkoviova teplaren censored the exhibition MEDIUMM IS THE MESSAGE for Slovak artists Anna Maria Benová and Zuzana Svatik

After the gallery approached these two artists a few months ago and they prepared the exhibition in collaboration with curator Katarina Jankechova and opened it at the gala opening, the curator and the artists were first asked to cancel the exhibition without their knowledge and then their works were manipulated. Therefore, in protest against this censorship by Alto Real Estate, the two artists decided to cover all the works of the exhibition. Here is their statement.

Bohemian Taboo expresses its absolute support to both artists and the curator regarding their decision. Censorship of art is unacceptable in any form. On the internet, in the media and in galleries.  

Interview with Anna Kopkova about polaroided nudity

As part of introducing the personalities who collaborate with Bohemian Taboo, we interviewed photographer Anna Kopkova.

Hi, Anna. Since you are working with our platform Bohemian Taboo, I would like to ask you a few questions. You are currently exhibiting your series Nymphs of Garbage at the G18 gallery in Poděbrady. Tell us something about this work of yours? Why and how was it created?

Nymphs of Garbage is the result of my PhD studies in the Fine Arts program at the Technical University of Liberec. This project on the theme: Plastics as Mutating Matter is a tribute to a completely unique material - plastic. Without this material there would be no modern world, but people have started to abuse this material recklessly and its subsequent processing or ecological disposal after its mostly very short use works only minimally. So as a photographer, I wondered if it is possible to further transform or transform this plastic rubbish and then use it within photography? In collaboration with the Faculty of Art and Architecture, Textile and Mechanical Engineering at TUL, I came up with a very unconventional method by which photographs can be transferred in a really large format (1.5m x2m) to a specific specific plastic waste with primarily very short-term use. Thanks to this specific authorial method, the large-format photographs are complete originals, which then resemble rather renaissance paintings sometimes with a touch of hyperrealism.

What makes you work with nudity so often in your work?

The female body and curves have inspired many an artist. I don't only work with models in my free work, but with all women who are close to my work. I work with the naked body as a material, mostly without a face, which I transform into different poses within a certain scene. I try to disembody the actresses. Fashion, clothing and its design gives the body expression, style, opinion, social status, etc. and creates a certain symbolism that is already extra and rather undesirable for my photographic stories. For me, women are the heroines of everyday life and I try to give them a safe intimate space to "throw away" their social roles and be themselves. These nude photo sessions are a possible escape from that mundane reality for all of us. The actresses have fun while helping me to visually recreate my dreamy surreal stories with a touch of decadence. I become more of a writer of the atmosphere and the photography becomes an accompaniment to that unconventional experience. 

Before you embark on a new project, what do you think about beforehand and how long does it take to get from idea to result?

Projects are kind of shaped by the urge to create and interact with the world through photography. Sometimes these are lighter topics that focus more on visuals and sometimes they are issues with more depth and some sort of ideological message or need to inform the general public. Then I work on those for several years. The project may never be over, sometimes I come back to some of the photographs after a few years and further develop the idea or the photograph fits into a newer photo series. But I always guess the locations before each shoot, which I shoot in advance and then create specific sketches with compositions and poses so that the actors understand what I'm going for before the shoot. These suggestions act as a script for that particular photo shoot. Sometimes these sketches are followed exactly and sometimes they become more of an inspiration to create another photo.

Your exhibition in Poděbrady will include not only two guided tours, but also two workshops. I was particularly interested in the polaroid workshop with experimental image transmission. Polaroid has had its glory days, can you tell me more about how you imagine this workshop? Who is it for and what will participants learn there? 

This workshop, which will take place on August 6 at the G18 gallery in Poděbrady, is a combination of several of my projects. Nude work is probably symbolic for me, so there will definitely be a nude model. This time it will be a professional, who is not ashamed to undress in front of several workshop participants and knows exactly what to do in front of the camera. In addition, she will be shooting with a Polaroid camera, where every picture must be well thought out because it has its price. The golden era of polaroid may not be back, but it has certainly had a great resurrection, thanks to the mass production of photographs by phone. These are in fact published at most somewhere on a social networking site and then disappear in a mass of photographic smog somewhere in the "matrix". Like analogue technology, Polaroid is for me a photographic category that has its own value and soul. Especially with polaroid, the raw photo comes out very quickly, without the possibility of retouching and filters. Moreover, with polaroid there is no possibility of repetition, so every polaroid photo is a complete original. Moreover, with polaroid you can take the photo gelatin off the base and then place it on any object. This is also a technique I used in one of my earlier projects, where I placed polaroid photo-gelatines on flowers, which subsequently tore them apart with their blooming or de-blooming, or conversely, the gelatines deformed the flowers. 

This workshop is for anyone who wants to try their hand at Polaroid nude photography or portraiture or just industrial space. I have invited Polaroid.cz experts Michal Čap and Tomáš Nosek, who will help the participants with the technique of shooting with different types of Polaroids and their use. Participants will learn how to create the right composition, how to come up with a suitable pose for the model, how to work with daylight, reflections or how to help themselves with other light sources or how to experiment with Polaroid photo gelatin.

What are your other desires that you would like to fulfill? Photographic and personal ones? 

I'm not much of a long term planning ahead person. I've definitely had a theme in my head for about 2 years for a photo that needs to be shot in the summer, it takes at least 15 people of different genders and ages, about 3 assistants and a good insurance policy for photo equipment smiley Summer always flies by and I find I haven't managed to organise it again. But I'll shoot it, but it's hard to say when. I'm focusing a lot on finishing my PhD at the moment. The fun part of experimenting is over, unfortunately, and now I have to deal with the school bureaucracy like rigorous thesis, exams and defenses. 

In terms of commercial work, I am now thinking about how to combine my "porn elegance", which is quite often on the edge, with mixed nude sessions. Here it's very important to think well about how to conceive and organize it, because it's already working with a different atmosphere and energy of the two "opposites", and here it's very easy to slip from the edge into a genre I don't want to go into, because it's the "edge" that I enjoy the most. Although in the perception of some people, especially my mother, I've been over the edge quite a lot. smiley

Anna Kopkova was asked by Michal Rejzek. 

Erotic Art Exhibition London 2022 will include artworks of Henryk Mrejzek

Photographer Henryk Mrejzek succeeded abroad when three of his photographs were selected for the prestigious Erotic Art Exhibition London 2022, which will take place from 28 April to 1 May 2022 at the Oxo in London.

The show, which will take place after a two-year hiatus caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, will be attended by 98 artists from all over the world.

More info: