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Zdenka Pospisilova / Czechia

Zdenka Pospisilova works as a psychologist in private practice. She helps people especially in the area of personal growth, partner relationships and sexuality. Her "heart matters" are sexual variations (sadomasochism, fetishism,...), BDSM and alternative relationship arrangements. The chapter inspired by the story of Zdenka and Marek Pospisil is also part of the book Bohemian Taboo Stories.

Zdenka Pospisilova / Czechia

What sets him apart from his colleagues is that he openly declares his personal interest in BDSM - he has been in the BDSM subculture for 15 years and tries to contribute to the detabooing of topics within sexuality and relationships that do not fall into the mainstream. Abroad, counselling in these areas is also associated with the terms kink aware and poly aware, which refer to expert knowledge of the subject matter.

Outside of counselling, she lectures, publishes and creates educational content on social media and is often approached by people for whom it is important that the psychologist understands and does not judge these areas, whether it is a major topic they wish to address or 'just' a part of their life that they can naturally touch on during the session.

She is currently a student in the PhD program in Psychology at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, where she is working on the topic of sadomasochism. She is working on a book and other smaller "personal projects" through which she is trying to educate and dispel the myths and stereotypes about sexuality and relationships. As a committee member of the Czech Sisyphus Skeptics Club, she promotes critical thinking and, together with other colleagues, tries to draw attention to problematic techniques that can be potentially dangerous for clients. ...Besides that, she is a bookworm, a lover of cats, board games, coffee and good food. 

Her professional supervisor is clinical psychologist Prof. Petr Weiss, PhD, DSc.


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Order the book Bohemian Taboo Stories, which includes a chapter inspired by the story of Zdenka and Marek Pospisil, in our e-shop.