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Discovering the urge to create something starts with a journey into your inner self. We talk to our minds and look for the spark of what will attract us and not let go. For Silvia Kořistkova, the path to the self leads through colours, shapes and structures. Her dreams press their faces into the canvases where they are locked for eternity. 

Silvie Kořistková / Czechia

Silvie has been painting and creating since she was a child, but entered the art world as an artist in 2018 in an effort to share her paintings with a wider audience. Most often she creates abstract paintings, which she sees as an exploration, a search for harmony and release. By painting abstractions, time stops for her and the space around her merges with the space within. The abstractions are therefore a testimony of a conversation with her subconscious and therefore appear liberated and balanced with a tendency of holistic renewal. 

The most important life credo for Silvia is the love of nature. Her portraits of fauna tell the story of this, allowing us to stop and watch the story in the faces telling of their journeys through everyday pitfalls and challenges. She also affirms this great love by collaborating with foundations to save the environment, as she did, for example, in the "Remembering Wildlife" project to save gorillas in the Congo. The theme of "man" and "woman" in her work is also not left behind and becomes a natural starting point in observing her surroundings. Her series of nudes "In the woods of the moon" is dedicated precisely to the study of our inner feelings, passions and insecurities, impoverished by the robes of artifice and make-believe that we wear during the day. Body language does not lie. She has therefore chosen to embody moments in which we reflect not only on the object under scrutiny, but also on ourselves. Her work of musicians rendered in metallic pigments has also been a great success, where, for example, brass instruments glitter with real 24 carat gold applied to the structure. The characters thus come to life and emerge from the canvas in 3D.

Silvie Kořistková has her gallery and studio in Orlova and her works are presented in several solo and group exhibitions in the Czech Republic. In collaboration with established international organizations such as Saatchi Art (NY), Singulart (London, Paris) and Artamjeur (Paris), she is gaining an international presence and becoming known to domestic and international collectors. 

In 2022 she signed an exclusive representation agreement for the sale of some of her paintings with GALLERY STEINER VIENNA at ARTSY.NET in Vienna, Austria and will be exhibiting at GALLERY STEINER VIENNA in February 2023.


2022, Solo exhibition at Silvie Kořistková Gallery, ul. P. Cingra in Orlová

2022, ART AMI exhibition, MonAmi Gallery, Bílovec

2021, Permanent author's exhibition U ZLATÉ KORUNY, Masarykovo náměstí, Ostrava

2021, Permanent author's sales exhibition PAM agency, s.r.o., Ostrava - Přívoz

2021, International Festival OPEN ART FEST, Prague - Holešovice Exhibition Centre

2021, Author exhibition MonAmi Gallery, ul. Slezské náměstí in Bílovec

2021, International exhibition ART IN PRAGUE 2021 at the Gallery U Zlatého Kohout in Prague

2019, Permanent author's sales exhibition in SKELET KAFE, 28. října Street in Ostrava

2019, Permanent author's sales exhibition at BE LOVELY, ul. Na Příkopě in Prague

2019, Author's sales exhibition in ALO KAFE, ul. Ostravská in Frýdek - Místek

2019, Author exhibition INNEX, ul. Pařížská street in Prague

2019, Author exhibition at BEAUTY BODY CLINIC, ul. Kosmická in Prague

2018, Author's exhibition in Čauky Mňauky café in Ostrava