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Scott Kraynak / USA

Scott Kraynak is an american artist from Cleveland. He focuses on dark, horror inspired erotic photography, creepy mixed media creations on antiques and old religious items, colored pencil illustrations of nature, and various styles of painting. 

Scott Kraynak / USA

Scott has had a passion for art and nature since going camping and canoeing at State and National Parks and taking art classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art as a kid. Today Scott is a Park Ranger and professional artist, who has been represented by numerous galleries throughout the country, and has had extensive exhibits of his work from coast to coast. Scott's work has been shown and is in permanent collections throughout the world.

Though interested in creating and working with many different types of subject matter (album covers, concert posters, vintage photographs, erotic photography) and utilizing many different mediums, Scott's main passion for his art is celebrating the natural world, from grand landscapes and bears to the little creatures often overlooked like lizards and birds. Everything is connected and everything depends on a healthy environment. Scott has donated artwork to numerous environmental organizations and fundraisers. He will continue to create art, some controversial some not, that capture the fragile beauty of our diverse planet and the horrible acts of human ignorance and greed done everyday that is destroying this beauty.
His other main interests center around celebrating his hometown of Cleveland, fighting for social issues he is passionate about, and unleashing his "dark side" through photography and works on antique photographs and other publications. Recently Scott has been very busy creating various books: Truck Farm, based on King Corn director Ian Cheney's film of the the same name, Animal Crackers, a "children's book for adults" he created with his brother Jeff, as well as two photography books, Unconquerable Desires and The Deadly Darlings and their Naughty Adventures.  Scott's work has appeared in the nationally published and Harvey Award nominated 27, Connections, and two international collections of artists' works. He just finished he largest project to date The heART of Cleveland, a book celebrating not only Scott's hometown, but the artists born there and art inspired by the city. It has been widely acclaimed and sold throughout the city. 

Though often told to concentrate on one medium, one subject matter, or even one style, Scott can't help but constantly expand his range as an artist, follow his heart and do what he wants. His love of music has led him to create work for bands such as Flogging Molly and Murder By Death; his interest in horror and the macabre has led him to use antique photographs as canvas's for paintings, and his passion for the environment and social issues has led to the creation of many powerful and controversial pieces reflecting Scott's views on these subjects. Though his work varies greatly, one thing it all has in common is that it comes from his heart and reflects a deeply held passion of his. Scott firmly believes that art is meant to cause a commotion, make people think, and sometimes create discomfort. Especially in the time (and country) we are living in right now, art is more important than ever to raise awareness to the atrocities that are happening to the planet and its people. 


2018      e11even2 gallery (Cleveland, OH) The heART of Cleveland book exhibit, (July-Aug)
2016    All Weird Days (Seattle, WA), solo exhibit, 
2014    Yaybig Gallery (Tucson, AZ) "Animal Crackers" (March)
2013    Flagstaff Public Library (Flagstaff, AZ) solo exhibit (Sept)
2013    The HIve (Flagstaff, AZ) Animal Crackers Book release and exhibit (April)
2013    Mountain Oasis (Flagstaff, AZ) solo exhibit (March)
2012      Bluff Arts Festival, Gallery at Comb Ridge Coffee (Bluff, UT) "Life's Festive Scene"(Oct)
2011    Marric Studios (Flagstaff, AZ) solo exhibit (Oct)
2011    Eye Candy Gallery (Cleveland, OH), solo exhibit, (June)
2011    Vino Loco (Flagstaff, AZ) solo exhibit (July)
2010    Artist Coalition of Flagstaff Gallery (Flagstaff, AZ) solo exhibit (Sept)
2010    Sedona Arts Center (Sedona, AZ) Small Works Exhibition (Nov 2009-Jan 2010)
2009    Biscayne National Park (Homestead, FL), "Inspired" (July-Sept)

Selected group exhibitions and events

2019    Bay Arts (Cleveland, OH), The heART of Cleveland (curator and exhibitor)
2019    e11even2 Gallery (Cleveland, OH), "7.20.69" (juried)
2019     Bay Arts (Cleveland, OH), Spring Group Exhibit (juried)
2018    SPACE Convention exhibitor (Columbus, OH)
2017    Museum of Contemporary Art (Cleveland, OH) BOUND exhibitor (juried)
2017    Genghis Con (Cleveland, OH) exhibitor
2017    La Luz de Jesus (Los Angeles, CA), "Coaster Show" (Sept)
2017    Aniche Gallery (Hood River, OR), group exhibit
2017    e11even2 Gallery (Cleveland, OH), "STEP Right UP!!" (July)
2017    Hawthorne Theatre (Portland, OR), Pancakes and Booze (June)
2017    e11even2 Gallery (Cleveland, OH), "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Rock"  (April)
2017    Aniche Gallery (Hood River, OR), "Carnal Love" (Feb)
2017    Crypticon Convention exhibitor (Seattle, WA)
2017    Monster-Mania Convention exhibitor (Hunt Valley, MD)
2016    Rose City Comic Con exhibitor (Portland, OR)
2016    Safnasafnid, The Icelandic Fok and Outsider Art Museum (Akureyri, Iceland) yearlong     juried exhibit
2016    The Artful Activist, "If you can't stand It, Stand Up!" exhibit, juried (Dec)
2016    Inspiration Pollination (Florida), juried exhibit (Dec)
2016    Columbia Center for the Arts (Hood River, OR) "Day of the Dead" (Nov)
2016    El Corazon (Seattle, WA), Pancakes and Booze (Nov)
2016    Gay and Lesbian Center of S. Nevada (Las Vegas, NV), "From Vegas with Love" (Nov)
2016    Seattle Erotic Arts Festival (Seattle, Wa), "Seduction" (Oct)
2016    Scarecrow Video  (Seattle, WA), "Swapping Dead" (Oct)
2016    Negative Space Gallery (Cleveland, OH), "Art of the People" (July)
2016    The Remains Gallery (Hood River, OR), "The Big Deuce" (July)
2016    The Remains Gallery (Hood River, OR), group exhibit (June)
2016    Columbia Center for the Arts (Hood River, OR) "Earth,Wind and Fire" (April)
2016    Seattle Erotic Arts Festival (Seattle, WA), group exhibit (Mar)
2016    Scream and Ink Convention exhibitor (Salem, OR)
2016    Crypticon Convention exhibitor (Seattle, WA)
2015    C2E2 Convention (Chicago, IL), Artist's Alley exhibitor
2015    Rose City Comic Con exhibitor (Portland, OR)
2015    Living Dead Convention exhibitor (Portland, OR)
2014    Orpheum Theatre (Flagstaff, AZ) Orionid Meteor Shower Soiree and Exhibit (Oct)
2014    Tuscon Festival of Books exhibitor (Tucson, AZ)
2014    New York Comic Con (New York, NY), exhibitor
2014    SPACE exhibitor (Columbus, OH)
2014    ARK Gallery (New York, NY), "Monster IV Art Show" (Nov)
2013    Wildbird Fund (New York, NY), group exhibit (Sept)
2013    Blackbird Studios (Las Vegas, NV) "The Greatest Show on Earth" (June)
2013    Coconino Center for the Arts (Flagstaff, AZ) Recycled Art Exhibit (April)
2012    Sideshow Gallery (Dolores, CO)     
2012    FearCon Convention exhibitor (Phoenix, AZ)
2012    Mountain Oasis (Flagstaff, AZ) solo exhibit (May)
2011    Animas Beads (Flagstaff, AZ) "Wildlife Exhibit"  (Dec)
2011    Animas Beads (Flagstaff, AZ) "Wolves in Art", poster artist and exhibitor (Oct)

Public collections 

Cleveland Heights Libraries, Country of Taiwan, Grand Canyon National Park, DLR (German Aerospace Center), Safnasafnid: The Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum (Akureyri), Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum (Ohio State University, Columbus, OH)

Concert poster designs for Flogging Molly and Murder By Death. Album cover design for The Bunny Gang. T-shirt design for Murder By Death

His books are in the permanent collection at Columbia University, Crystal Bridges Museum, Cleveland Heights Libraries, New York City Public Libraries, NYU, Kent State University, John Carrol University, Stanford University, Cleveland Museum of Art.

Artwork used by the Taiwan National Park Service for promotional purposes during National Park Week. 

Published books

International Artists Co. (ICA Publishing), 27 Club (Red Stylo/Action Lab), Connections (Sunday Comix), Truck Farm, Animal Crackers, Unconquerable Desires, The Deadly Darlings and their Naughty Adventures, cover artist for Grand Canyon Ghost Stories (Riverbend Publishing)

Cover artist for The Noise, Flagstaff, AZ  (March 2013)


Jade Magazine, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cliche Magazine, 
Art featured in The Action Guide to Preservation, published by the National Park Service (Grand Canyon National Park, U.S. Dept. of Interior)
Art featured in scientific paper "Response and Responsibility: Humans as apex predators and ethical actors in a changing societal environment". Published in Food Webs. (Sept. 2016)
2016  The Huffington Post, interview  (June)
2016  Safnasafnid Museum Catalogue (Akureyri, Iceland)
2016    Negative Space Gallery (Cleveland, OH), Art of the People catalogue
2016    The Maniacal Geek Podcast, Samantha Cross
2015    Catalogue, Con Corso Buenos Aires, 7th edition
2015    Catalogue, International Contemporary Artists, Vol. 10, ICA Publishing, NY,NY
2014       theouthousers.com, Animal Cracker's book review
2013    Las Vegas City Life (Las Vegas, NV) exhibit/book review (Nov)
2013    High Country News (Paonia, CO) book review (Aug)
2013    Blackbird Studios (Las Vegas, NV) The  Greatest Show on Earth catalogue (June)
2013     Grand Canyon News, interview (June)
2013    The Noise (Flagstaff, AZ) book/exhibit review (April)
2013    The Noise (Flagstaff, AZ) article/review (March)
2010    The Noise (Flagstaff, AZ) exhibit review (Sept)