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ROZKOŠ bez RIZIKA, founded by Hana Malinová in 1992, is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and the reduction of the negative social consequences associated with prostitution. It helps women and, more recently, men in the sex business to gain a realistic view of their situation and find their own solutions through therapy, counselling, active theatre performance and help in finding employment. R-R also works actively with the public as part of prevention and awareness raising. A chapter inspired by the story of Hana Malinova, founder of ROZKOŠ bez RIZIKA, is also included in the book Bohemian Taboo Stories.

Rozkos Bez Rizika / Czechia

After 1989, not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout Central Europe, there was a dramatic increase in the number of people working in the sex industry. Along with the spread of intravenous drugs in particular, HIV may have spread rapidly. Nina Tůmová, M.D., of the Czech-Swiss Medical Society (which she and other Czech doctors founded in Switzerland), said a memorable phrase at the time: 'You can't do anything about drugs, but you can do something about AIDS. Thanks to the joint activities of "druggies", LGBT and other organisations, the spread of HIV has been greatly slowed down. The increase in HIV-positive people in our country is 10.7 times less per capita than in Ukraine. Much has been addressed, but stigma persists: sex workers are not accepted as equal people by society and are marginalized. Attitudes towards prostitution or sex workers speak volumes about the state of democracy in the country. According to Hana Malina, the problem lies mainly in interpersonal relations, in the relationship with oneself and others, egoism and lack of tolerance.

ROZKOŠ bez RIZIKA has counselling centres in Prague, České Budějovice, Brno, Ostrava and a contact centre in Ústí nad Labem. They had two mobile venereal-gynaecological outpatient clinics. Every year they test more than 4000 people for HIV and treat hundreds of sexually transmitted infections. They emphasize prevention, and have discouraged thousands of people from risky sexual practices by explaining the importance of protecting oneself during normal sexual intercourse and how to go about it during less common sexual practices. It is a mobile profession, with women and girls migrating between clubs in the country and between countries. Therefore it is important to explain everything at first contact, first contacts are around 50%. In total, there are over 12,000 women in their updated database (after three years they put them in the archive), some of them have been in regular contact with them for several years, others have been in the sex business for only a short time, perhaps because they found out that they just couldn't do it. Based on field experience and its own research, R-R influences legislation. Rather than regulating, it seeks to legalize prostitution. They work with similar organisations in Ukraine and Zimbabwe, for whom they have built and transported a mobile ambulance similar to the one operated by R-R, with the support of the Czech government. They took one of their two mobile ambulances to Odessa after the start of the war in Ukraine, this time mainly so that workers from their partner organization could deliver humanitarian aid there. They filled the mobile ambulance to the roof before leaving. 

The association also has its own theatre troupe, Rozkoš, where not only sex workers perform, but also former homeless people and supporters of the organisation , who brought with them a bit of gentlemanliness (they wear backdrops and a double bass) and worked on themselves: they started to smell good and found jobs. The troupe has seen an increased interest in acting from sex workers, and in our latest play, The Flower Harpy, two of the male roles are played by women.

Order the book Bohemian Taboo Stories, which includes a chapter inspired by the story of Hana Malinova, founder of Delight Without Risk (Rozkos bez Rizika), in our e-shop.