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Robert Rambousek (*1975) is a photographer and musician. He was born in Košice, Slovakia. His photographs accompany the chapter Little Fetish Shop in Bohemian Taboo Stories. His photographs were also exhibited at the Bohemian Taboo joint exhibition in St. Albans, UK.

Robert Rambousek / Czechia

Graduate of the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU), majoring in photography, 1998-2002 (Prof. Šmok, Birgus, Kozlík, Kolář, Vojtěchovský, Rajzík, Dias, Havránková and others). In his free work he focuses on photography with a tendency towards minimalism, surrealism, photographic abbreviation and spiritual references. Besides photography, his great love is music. He enjoys playing the guitar and creating his own compositions using the computer. He enjoys travelling, getting to know new places and their inhabitants, and is dedicated to a healthy way of life. He has worked or collaborated with media such as MF Dnes, Večerník Praha, Vlasta, Boomerang Publishing, Bravo, Reflex. In 2012 - 2013 he worked as a teacher of Practical Photography at OSSP Kolín. In 2014 he was in residence at Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus Schwandorf in Germany. He is currently working as a freelance photographer.

He says about himself: "I am a professional photographer, graduated from FAMU in photography in 2002, I live in Prague, I have worked in newspapers and magazines and I have realized photographic commissions for many companies and institutions. I have participated in 30 joint exhibitions, I have exhibited solo twice. In my free work I am interested in nude, portrait, fashion and fetish photography. In the current flood of new photographs every day all around us, I try to create something that one stops at least for a few seconds for various reasons. It can be wit, aesthetics, eroticism, attraction, beauty or a combination of several of these elements at once. I combine the inexhaustible theme of women's beauty with the contents of their kitchens, handbags, wardrobes, tattoos, interests or relationships. I decided to collaborate on the Bohemian Taboo project out of my inner need to subvert hypocritical societal patterns of Homo sapiens sapiens sexuality."


2016, Between Heaven and Earth, House of Music, Conservatory, Pilsen

2015, Between Heaven and Earth, Klenová Gallery, Klatovy

2013, Atelier D13 by Zuzana Tiché, Prague 

2012, Atelier D13 Zuzana Tiché, Prague 

2011, Atelier D13 Zuzana Tiché, Prague 

2010, ÚSP Vlašská, Prague


2021, Bohemian Taboo, Collective Gallery & Art Project Space, St. Albans, UK

2020, Mimikry/Kapka - photo/graphics - joint exhibition with Gabriela Sedláčková Museum, Čáslav

2018, Atelier Art Fest, Prague

2015, Likenesses - Petr Vrána and friends, Prague

2014, The Art of Being Summer Festival, Ledeč nad Sázavou - free work

2013, Fotofestival - Fire, Český Krumlov

2012, Natruc Festival, Kolín 

2011, Festival Natruc, Kolín

2011, Leontinka Foundation

2010, Leontinka Foundation

2009, Salon of Kolín Artists

2010, Leontinka Foundation

2008, Leontinka Foundation

2007, Leontinka Foundation

2002, Natruc, Kolín

2002, Kmoch's Kolín, Kolín

2002, FAMU Master Files, Tunel Gallery, Prague

2001, FAMU Festival, Archa Theatre, Prague

2001, International Anti-Corruption Conference, Wenceslas Square, Prague

2001, Festival Mezi ploty, Prague

1996, FAMU Undergraduate Ensembles, New Town Hall, Prague

1997, Introspection of FAMU, Velryba Gallery, Prague

1994, Cologne, Kamenz, Germany

1994, Regional Museum, Cologne 

1993, Turnov Map Circle, Small Gallery Na Hradbách, Turnov

1993, Funke's Kolín, Kolín

To order the book Bohemian Taboo Stories, which includes photographs by Robert Rambousek, visit our e-shop.