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Petr Jedinák is a photographer whose photographs accompany the chapter Orgasmic Portraits in the book Bohemian Taboo Stories. His photographs were also exhibited at the Bohemian Taboo joint exhibition in St. Albans, UK.

Petr Jedinak / Czechia

Petr Jedinák had no artist in his family. His ancestors came to Prague as poor farmers and his parents became the first generation to receive a university degree. Jedinák's mother became a distinguished nuclear engineer. At the age of 5, she gave him his first camera and told him he would be a star one day.

A child prodigy, Peter was already shooting and developing film in his home studio by the age of 6. In high school he took a 3 year evening course in fine art photography. He graduated from the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, where at the age of 21 he held his first exhibition at the university club in 1984.

Petr creates black and white photographs on two different media: digital photography and photography on glass plates (ambrotypes). His most common work is portraiture, the human figure and the nude, but the source of his photographs' power lies in emotion. Jedinak has developed a particular style of authentic intimate portraiture that borders on the erotic. Despite his often shocking choice of subjects, the processing of his photographs is always classic.

Petr Jedinák cites three inspirational sources that have influenced his manuscript: Josef Sudek, the father of Czechoslovak photography known for his mystical minimalism; Petr Joel-Witkin, whose old-school treatment reflects mortality and decline; and perhaps most of all Nobuoshi Araki, the Japanese icon of playful obscenity.

During 1990-2000, 300,000 subscribers of the weekly Reflex saw his portraits. His photographs were reprinted by the Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung and the New York Times and appeared in more than 20 publications in several countries.

Petr Jedinák's exhibitions have received considerable acclaim and controversy and are regularly reported in the media in the Czech Republic.

Petr is also in demand as a lecturer. He has been a professor at 3 different art schools in Prague since 1990. He is a regular lecturer at photography conferences and holds his own workshops in his online Academy of Photography. He also teaches the wet plate photographic process on collodion plates.

Petr Jedinák was included in the publication "100 Icons of Czech Photography" in 2017.


2019, Puraibashi / Privacy, Voayer Gallery, Prague

2019, Body Language (retrospective exhibition), Gallery 4, Cheb

2019, Beauty, Foto Škoda Gallery, Prague

2018, Men Can, Drive House, Prague

2018, The Sacredness of the Body, Knupp Gallery, Prague

2018, Orgasmic Portraits, Dancing House Gallery, Prague

2018, Angels are Women, Atelier Kateřina Dostálová Gallery, Olomouc

2018, The Only Beauty (book launch), Knupp Gallery, Prague

2017, The Sacredness of the Body (book launch), Drive House, Prague

2017, Hidden Pleasures, Parallel Polis, Prague

2017, Sexual Personae, DSC Gallery, Prague

2017, Angels, Analogue Gallery, Prague

2016, Orgasmic Portraits, Litera Gallery, Prague

2010, Libustky A Day's Work, Museum of Wastewater, Prague

2007, Brasilia / Oscar Niemeyer, Summer Film School, Uherské Hradiště

1984, Performances, VŠCHT Club, Prague


2021, Bohemian Taboo, St. Albans, UK

2020 - 2021, Vanitas, DOX, Prague

2018, Death does not choose, joint exhibition with Kamil Lhoták, Prostor café, Slaný

2018, The Company of the Only Beauty, Co Co Gallery, Dobříš Castle

2018, Art Brut, Josefov Fortress

2018, Art Brut, Michal Mine, Ostrava

2018, Our Soul Belongs to Us, Letohradská Open, Prague

2016, So Photo Nude, Dolmen Gallery, Prague

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2012, Overlaps: Red Edition, Le Centre Tchèque, Paris, France

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2019, Bohemian Taboo Stories, photographs for the chapter Orgasmic Portraits

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2017, The Sacredness of the Body


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2018, Reflex, Sexual fantasies at the Dancing House. Voayer exhibition attracts real nudity and groping models

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2018, TV Nova, Controversial exhibition in Prague again! People are looking at naked women

2018, iDnes.cz, Naked women are with us for the last time. The organizers are also attracting orgasms

2018, Deník.cz, Controversial exhibition at the Dancing House. You can touch completely naked women

2018, Reflex.cz, Capiny in good architecture: Tasteless naked women fit into the Dancing House like a turd into a nappy

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2017, Our Prague, Madness? The book costs 10 000 crowns!

2017, OneTV, Female orgasms and sexual deviations of couples.

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2017, Koule.cz, Interview with Petr Jedinák, photographer of female orgasms

2017, Krajské listy, When I was 20, he stood me from morning till night. A decadent photographer openly talks about the 'sacredness of the body'

2017, Blesk, A woman had her vagina sewn up in front of people: She wanted to lure people to a controversial exhibition

2017, Prague Patriot, Cunt here, cunt there. The most controversial exhibition of the year opened with the stitching of a woman's privates

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2017, Prague Patriot, Sexual personae. He is planning an event that has been banned everywhere

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2016, Bleskprozeny.cz, What do women look like during orgasm? A decadent photographer captured it!

2016, Psychologie.cz, Naked emotions

2016, The Jan Kraus Show, Petr Jedinák

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