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Martin Faltejsek is the photographer who took the photos for the Born !n Porn chapter for Bohemian Taboo Stories. His photographs were also exhibited at the Bohemian Taboo joint exhibition in St. Albans, UK.

Martin Faltejsek / Czechia


2016 - now, Institute of Creative Photography (ITF), Opava
2013 - 2016, VŠg and SPŠg Hellichova, Prague - Photography and Media / DiS.


2021, Martin Faltejsek: The Suburbia / Showcases Frýdlantská, Prague



2020, CONFIDENTIAL COUNTRY, Moravská Třebová

2019, HOME EPOS, Svitavy

2018, TAM DOMA / Prague

2018, STAV BEZTÍŽE, Lanškroun

2016, WAKING, Prague

2013, Alšova jihočeská galerie - Wortner House, České Budějovice

2010, Municipal Library in Lanškroun, Lanškroun


2022, Living in Violet - FF UP, Konvikt, Olomouc

2021, Noisy Solitude: Contemporary Czech Photography, Yekaterinburg, Russia

2021, 30+ Institute of Creative Photography, Opava

2021, Bohemian Taboo, Collective Gallery & Art Project Space, St. Albans, UK

2021, Artmat edition

2020, PhotoSaintGermain, Liquid Images: young Czech photography, Paris, France

2020, Month of Photography Bratislava - 30 years of ITF, Bratislava, Slovakia

2020, OFF Bratislava - Born of Sea Foam, Bratislava, Slovakia

2020, Three Decades (30th Anniversary of ITF), Prague

2019, "Pleiades", exhibition #INSTAXMYLIFE, Prague

2019, Intermediate Time, cloistered and diploma theses, ITF / Opava

2018, Prague Photo 2018 - ITF exhibition / Prague

2018, Young Debut Festival, Dlabačov / Prague

2017, Clausurní a diploma theses 2017, ITF / Opava

2017, Prague Photo 2017 - ITF exposition / Prague

2017, Private Territories, joint exhibition ITF / Opava

2016, The Blind Pilots Project #2 / Thessaloniki, Greece

2016, Czech Press Photo 2016 / Prague

2016, ET CETERA: photography / Prague

2016, Prague Photo 2016 - exhibition at Hellichova College / Prague

2015, Czech Press Photo 2015 / Prague

2015, Project "I want", exposition of Hellichova College / Prague

2014, Czech Press Photo 2014 exhibition / Prague

2014, 15th Annual Photofestival Moravská Třebová

2014, WITHOUT LIMITATION - festival Pod dohledem / Prague


2021, 1st place Personality of Young Czech Photography 2020 up to 30 years /APFČR/
2019, Canon Student Programme 2019 - internship at Visa pour I'Image
2019, 3rd place Personality of Young Czech Photography 2018 up to 30 years /APFČR/
2018, International Photography Awards (IPA) 2018 - Honorable mention
l2016, Czech Press Photo 2016, Children's Award + nom. for 1st prize in Lifestyle / Single
2016, ET CETERA: photography, ELEUTHERIA Foundation
2016, World Press Photo, nomination for 2016 Joop Swart Masterclass
2015, Czech Press Photo 2015, Canon Junior Awards
2015, CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year 2015, an hourly winner
2014, Czech Press Photo 2014, Canon Junior Awards
2014, There is no forest like a forest" Canon | FSC ČR
2013, Sandra Kisić won 1st place in LEVI'S® REVEL with my photo, EU
2013, Semifinalist, Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2013
2012, 1st place "The Macallan Masters of Photography | Annie Leibovitz", Scotland
2012, 1st place "PhotoVideo workshop / "Figure in the exterior"
2012, 1st place "Give and Take / Solidarity between Generations", European Parliament, Czech Republic
2012, 3rd place "Olympus FotoAcademy" / "Light and Shadows"


2021, article on Forbes.cz
2021, Origins workshop
2021, interview with Khiria Podcast
2021, interview in Innspirace magazine
2021, interview by Waterfall for Origins Workshop
2019, presentation at Fisheye Magazine
2019, podcast on weddings for Wedding Circus
2018, interview for Orlický Deník
2018, interview for aktualne.cz
2017, article about my travels to Iceland in FOTO
2017, interview / discussion for Fotoškoda FEST 2017
2016, talk at Fotoexpo 2016
2015, talk at Langhans Gallery / FotoŠkoda Centre
2015, interview for Atelier of Photographic Practice
2015, presentation PechaKucha Night Ostrava @ Colours of Ostrava
2014, interview in FOTO magazine


2019, Bohemian Taboo Stories, photographs for Born !n Porn chapter

Order the book Bohemian Taboo Stories, which includes photographs by Martin Faltejsek, in our e-shop.