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Marketa Lustigova / Czechia

Markéta Lustigová contributed to Bohemian Taboo Stories with texts for the chapters Orgasmic Portraits, Born !n Porn and Varias. Apart from writing, her great hobby is also painting pictures.

Marketa Lustigova / Czechia

Markéta suffers from borderline personality disorder. She describes herself as a free thinker and a bohemian and says that creation is like an emotional sponge that can pull out everything you let out and eventually it is safer to destroy what is outside instead of what is inside. She was born under the sign of Aquarius. She most enjoys painting various abstract figures and combines contrasting colors in her paintings. She paints mostly in acrylics, but likes to experiment with other mediums such as watercolor, oil and dry pastel, or any combination of them. She likes to experiment and try different processes. She also often uses unusual materials such as all kinds of natural materials, plant parts, feathers, pieces of cardboard or plastic, combs, old brushes, etc. to create interesting structures in her paintings. She was driven to create by the desire to create, to leave something behind and to let her imagination run free. She finds inspiration all around her, whether it's out there or inside her head. Often inspiration is just a thought that flits past her ear and her brain begins to process, elaborate and shape it. She also likes to open the gates of old legends, things between heaven and earth, and topics that are not talked about with her work. She is also very inspired by other people and their work.
Markéta Lustigová says: "I have my own world in my bubble where I am comfortable. For some, a strange one with strange interests. That's why I'm happy to be part of the Bohemian Taboo project. Let's not taboo! Let's be curious and explore. Well, let's leave what we don't like to those who are comfortable with it. Painting and putting paint on everything and everyone became my great hobby the moment I put my fear of not having what it takes to make art in a drawer, locked it to all the west and threw the key in the lake. Since then, although I have one less drawer to use, I have had so much more joy in creating. From the first steps, the enthusiastic experiments, and the thwarted attempts, I have marched on in an endless journey of learning and discovery. There are times when you stand over a pile of your work with a box of matches in one hand and a torch in the other, wondering if locking that drawer was a mistake after all. But then the clouds are blown away by the wind and it's time to get the brush out again."