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Lubos Y. Kolacek / Czechia

Luboš "Yetti" Koláček is co-author and editor of Bohemian Taboo Stories. He wrote the chapters Sex and Eroticism in the Time of Charles IV, Pornography and New Media and co-authored the chapter Prague Pride

Lubos Y. Kolacek / Czechia

He says of himself: "I am a poet and writer (author of more than forty books); a journalist (editor, reporter, editor-in-chief), now an independent publicist; a film, television and radio scriptwriter; a photographer (long-time participant in Czech Press Photo), actor and presenter. Member of the European Order of Knights of Wine (Ordinis Equestris Vini Europae). At one time a private publisher (publishing house "Yetti" Brno), today managing director, editor-in-chief and co-owner of the Prague publishing house Bondy. Long-time member of the Syndicate of Journalists, the Club of Authors of Non-Fiction (KALF) and the Association of Writers of the Czech Republic. Kisch", the "Best Short Story of the Year 2013" award of the Czech Sherlock Holmes Society, winner of the Jan Bauer Foundation's "Jan Bauer Literary Cup for 2017" ("...for the book Sex and Eroticism in the Times of Charles IV, taking into account his entire body of work").

My original poems have appeared in periodicals and anthologies (The Builders of the Temple of Poetry, The River of Dawn, Almanac of Czech Poetry, etc.). In my books, I tell about my travels in exotic countries (Mexico, Sri Lanka, India + a visit to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Hawaii...), sometimes I turn to fascinating domestic landscapes (the Czech Central Highlands, Czechoslovak Switzerland, Bohemian Paradise, Podkrkonoší, the Jizera Mountains, the Giant Mountains); I write monographs of unusual personalities (Berija, The Second Man of Stalin's Dictatorship: Evil Genius or Reformer? Across the Atlantic in the footsteps of Alain Bombard; Saint John Nepomuk Neumann, The Playful Showman Jiří Císler, The 13th Chamber of Andrej Babiš). I am oriented towards history, often with an overlap into the field of alchemy and magic, occultism or mysterious legends and mysteries of all kinds (non-fiction, novel trilogy with erotic subtext: "The Empress Must Die", "The Secret Successor", "Rosekrucian"; novel with erotic subtext: "The Divine Queen of the Cursed Adamites", "The Devil on Budyni", "The Last One Takes All", etc.). A prestigious publication is "Sex and Eroticism in the Times of Charles IV." (2016), which aroused considerable interest among the general and professional public.

I graduated from Masaryk University in Brno, majoring in "philosophy - economic sciences". I did not complete my parallel studies at Charles University in Prague, majoring in "Oriental Studies-Sinology". Then I graduated from Museum Propaedeutics (2013) and I successfully completed my third higher education institution, a five-year study at the Faculty of Telecommunications of Charles University, majoring in "Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Indian Philosophy; Special TV" in 2017. I am currently studying a four-year PhD in Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague."

The book Bohemian Taboo Stories, which includes an autobiographical chapter inspired by the story of Luboš Y. Koláček, order in our e-shop.