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Konsent breaks down myths about sex and sexual violence. In 2016, an Amnesty International poll was released which said that 67% of Czechs think that rape is the victim's fault. In response to this dopey result, Consent was created and started saying that it's not the short skirt that's to blame for rape, but the rapist. A chapter inspired by the story of Johanna Nejedlová, the founder of Konsent, is also included in the book Bohemian Taboo Stories.

Konsent  / Czechia

The first When You Don't Want It campaign was launched, followed by the When You Want It primary sexual violence prevention workshops for schools.

Since 2017, they have also been running a self-help group for women who have been victims of sexual violence.

Then, in 2019, they decided to define themselves against harassment in bars and clubs with the Respect is Sexy campaign and set up a network of venues that do not tolerate harassment. Because flirting belongs at parties, harassment does not. In the meantime, demand for workshops for young people grew, but because it was impossible to go around to all schools in the Czech Republic, they developed methodologies for teachers themselves on how to teach sex education in a project supported by the OSF foundation No Taboo in Front of the Blackboard. And because sex education starts in families, they also offer workshops for parents on how to talk to their children about sex or cyber violence.

The international Power project on gender-based violence in cyberspace brings together young people who then teach their peers about cyberbullying and cyberviolence.

Harassment doesn't just happen in nightclubs but also in the workplace and on campus, which is why we came up with the Respekt je profi and Respekt to the Ground projects, where we help institutions set up a tailored system that helps prevent and eventually address sexual violence. At the same time, in the context of preventing sexual violence and also in outrage at the current legislation, they decided to start lobbying for a change in the rape law.

Their campaigns have had a great response on social media and the whole organisation is involved in various national and transnational networks such as the Czech Women's Lobby, the European Women's Lobby. They have been awarded several times for their work, such as the 2019 Man in Need Gratias Tibi Award, they have made it to the final ten of the SDG Awards, and their campaign has been recognised in the Phoenix Marketing Awards. In 2019, they were awarded the Františka Plamínková Award. The founder and CEO of Konsent, Johanna Nejedlová, was named Woman of Europe 2019 and one of the Bitch 50 for 2020.

They have long collaborated with the Department for Equality of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, the American Embassy, the Norwegian Embassy, the Avast Foundation, and have been supported by Avon, Frida Fund, the City of Prague, Lush and even Absolut vodka. Their long-term partner is Primeros and in the media, Heroine magazine, Radio Wave and A2larm. They are also newly supported by the In the Net project.

They also have their own merch, which you can buy to support the work of Konsent.

Order the book Bohemian Taboo Stories, which includes a chapter with a short story inspired by Johanna Nejedlová from Konsent, in our e-shop.