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Diana Vera / Czechia

You are welcome anyone who is attracted to tying, whether you want to tie or be tied. Among the various events you will find seminars for all, regardless of gender, orientation and role preference, and in the galleries you will find images of both men and women.  But what do you call what a woman does who controls the rope and, through it, the body and mind of her counterparts? Femdomshibari.

Diana Vera / Czechia

Femdom - a woman in an active role, a woman who leads, a woman with a rope in her hand

Shibari - the art of the rope with emphasis on the emotional connection between partners

Diana Vera began knotting in 2014. She was originally drawn to her first workshops by the need to learn basic knotting so that she could safely realize her erotic fantasies in a technically sound manner. Soon, she was opened to the colorful, complex world of Eastern-inspired bondage that goes far beyond the bedroom or partner intimacy. Spontaneous movement, contact improvisation, conscious BDSM, the art of touch, massage, sports, body and soul therapy, meditation, aesthetic pleasure and dramatic situations all lend a hand in her shibari.

The Shibari scene in the world and in the country is full of interesting and inspiring personalities. Some are realized as performers and you can see them at liveshows, others are good lecturers and you can meet them at workshops. Diana Vera enjoys having an audience when she is tying or when she can pass on the experience she has gained to enthusiastic beginners, but her domain is rope-sessions, individual tying, interaction between her and the person being tied, when she can focus all her attention on them.

She regularly participates in workshops of Czech and foreign lecturers. Each of them always enriches her with a new point of view. She was most influenced by her meeting with the Tantric Domina from Berlin, Kristina Marlen; she was the first woman she saw binding a man. It is not only for technical know-how that she returns with confidence to the workshops of rigger Soptik from Brno and likes to follow his pragmatic recommendation "Tie up what moves!".

"Wait for the answer!" is a mantra she first heard from Rigger Barkas in Vienna, and it resonates in her every time she uses her own body to read how a bound man is feeling. In reading from the body's manifestations what is probably going on in the head and in the heart, rigger Pedro Cordas from Lisbon is a master. It was a unique experience for her to be bound by him. Through this experience she understood how deeply a rigger can accompany a bound person when he respects his inner state of mind.

At the very beginning of her journey she found herself at Jana Goetz's Conscious BDSM seminars in Prague. Later, she became enthralled by the genius loci at Berlin's Schwelle 7, where tantra, BDSM and art are organically intertwined. The tantric approach is close to her heart, and she was educated in therapy and art even before she started binding. In the Czech Republic she likes to go to the Atelier in Strasnice or to shibarinights in Kolbenka.

Because she likes to inspire others and create a safe space for self-discovery, she does experiential workshops for all rope lovers regardless of gender, orientation or role preference. She is very happy to support and host themed gatherings for women who want to bind or bind men, and men who want to be bound by women. Typical of the events she leads is that they involve verbal sharing in a circle; they usually include a block of technical instruction tailored to the level of the group; but most of the time is devoted to pair interaction and she encourages pairs to mix and switch roles by agreement. It is possible to sign up for each event as a pair or as a single.

If you would like to meet Diana Vera in person, you can meet her at events or arrange to meet individually.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact her.