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Anna Beata Hablova / Czechia

Anna Beata Hablova (1983, Prague) is an architect, theoretician, poet, slammer, writer and speaker. She has won the Young Architect Award 2010, Young Planning Professionals Award 2012 and Juniorstav 2012 for her architectural designs and theoretical works. 

Anna Beata Hablova / Czechia

She has published poetry collections Kry (Mox Nox, 2013), Rýhy (Arbor Vitae, 2015), Nevypínejte (Dauphin, 2018), O mé závislosti nikomu neříkej (Dauphin, 2020) and poems in the literary magazines Host, Tvar and Weles. She occasionally hosts evenings with themes of poetry, art and architecture. Her comic-scholarly book Mesta zdí, about the history, interpretation and background of shopping centres in relation to the city, was published in 2017. Since 2018 she has been contributing to Morning Reflections on the radio station ČRo Vltava. Her most recent book on the border of genres is Nemísta měst (Host, 2019), about neglected, ephemeral and missed places. Her poems have been translated into several European languages. In 2022, she published her first novel, Směna.


2010-2017 Doctoral studies at FA CTU

2004-2010 Faculty of Architecture, CTU


2012-2014 IPR Prague as a conceptual urbanist

2010-2012 Headhand Architects

2010 Design studio SeArch, Amsterdam, NL

2009 Jiran Kohout Architects

2006-2008 Design studio prof. Sedláček


Háblová, Anna. Vision for Prague. In: Urbanity-twenty years later. 2010. ISBN 978-80-254-8170-7

Háblová, Anna. The atheistic existentialism of industrial buildings. In: The Second Breath of Industrial Architecture. 2007. ISBN 978-80-01-03805-5

Háblová, Anna. The impact of globalization on the transformation of cities. In: Juniorstav 2012. 978-80-214-4393-8

Háblová, Anna. Háblová: the Rector's Award of the CTU, YYA. In: Bulletin of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU. 2012

Háblová, Anna. The funeral hall in Roudnice nad Labem. Statutory town of Roudnice nad labem. 2011


Honorary prize in the competition "International Young Planning Professionals' Award 2012" for the paper "Issues of shopping centres".

First prize at the Juniorstav 2012 conference for the paper The impact of globalisation on the transformation of cities.

Rector's Prize at the "Young architecture award 2010" competition for the diploma project "Vision for Prague".

First prize in the competition "KOMA modular 2009" for the design of a modular nursery.

First prize at the City development worskhop, 2008.

Molab Award at the Revit open 2007 competition for the design of the Independent Passive House.


2012 Periurban project, Regione Toscana

2012 Conference Science in Construction, FA STU, Bratislava

2012 European Urban Summer School, London

2012 International Conference Juniorstav, Brno

2011 Urban Project Workshop, Torino

2009 Workshop City development, Prague

2008 Touches of Renaissance, Florence

2006 Consensus design with environmentalist Christopher Day

Solo exhibitions

2022, Hnihaiku, Krnov Library

2022, So Many Other Presences, DOX Gallery of Contemporary Art (with P. Hábl)

2021, The Unspeakable, Artwall Gallery

2021, Haiku Against Hopelessness, Church of the Prague Jesuit

Group exhibitions

2022, Art for Ukraine, Bold Gallery

2021, The Future of the Wheel, Moravany nad Vahom