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Bohemians are usually artists - painters, photographers, poets, sculptors. Bohemia is the westernmost and largest historical region of Czech Republic. There is great history in erotic art in Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia or Austria-Hungary before. We give to the world such a great erotic artist as Egon SchieleAlphonse MuchaFrantisek DrtikolJan SaudekToyenRobert Vano, Kája Saudek, Tono Stano and many others have come from or worked in this part of the world. The very first erotic film in history was Gustav Machatý's Ecstasy from 1933 and the oldest clay statue depicting a naked woman in the world is the rare Venus of Věstonice. It is also worth noting that some fairy tales were originally erotic stories that people told each other. They were full of sex and violence, and we would hardly want to tell children these versions of fairy tales today. Fairy tales such as Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and A Thousand and One Nights are proof of this. Although the eroticism has sort of disappeared from the contemporary versions. It is as if it did not exist, was something inappropriate and was not the most important essence of the origin of life. Yet a great many of the original folk songs were similarly filled with eroticism. Folk culture in general contained a lot of eroticism. Eroticism and sexuality was also present in the creativity of traditional festivals such as Easter or the forerunners of the modern 'Witches' fires, originally a Celtic celebration of love and fertility by Beltain. Eroticism originated from the word Eros. And as we know, he was the great God of Love himself.

    Toyen - Black Paradise - 1925 (oil on canvas)

Our present is also full of amazing creatives and otherwise interesting personalities who are inspired and carried away by eroticism, the beauty of the human body or sexual emotions. They paint or photograph artistic nudes, weigh shibari, photograph erotic art, sculpt human torsos, sew corsets, teach tantric sex, write haiku, dance burlesque, design latex clothing, or sing about sexual, intimate, and erotic adventures. One of these other adventures, which tries to give you as complete a picture of these creators as possible, is called Bohemian Taboo.

Bohemian Taboo is a company that has created and provides a platform for education, personal development, support of contemporary art, alternative communities, research and assistance in activities that have an overlap with sexuality, eroticism and physical intimacy. And because we believe in the power of multi-disciplinary collaboration, we support interesting, original, talented and courageous creators, activists, coaches and organizers who are not getting enough space to present their work not only on social media, but increasingly in the media and the internet as a whole. Their work and activities are often censored, labelled as inappropriate content, a threat to morality or devalued by various forms of covering up details such as women's nipples or genitals. We believe that this situation not only threatens the perception of eroticism and sexuality, which is increasingly limited to the consumption of commercial pornography, but also significantly distorts the environment of artists and creators, who will find it easier to create non-controversial works that they can present without problems, and works containing eroticism, nudity and sexuality will become increasingly difficult and rare to discover. This means that in the future we might not encounter works like those by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Paul Cezanne, Hieronymus Bosch, Katsushika Hokusai, Gustavo Vigeland, Titian and other greats. 

   Hieronymus Bosch - Garden of Earthly Delights - 1503 (oil on wood panel)

Our goal is to educate and cultivate society, to show it that there is plenty of worthwhile erotic art that has nothing to do with commercial pornography, and that it is as worthy of being watched, collected, and its creators supported as it has ever been in history. We want to help bring back into our lives the desire for the aesthetic, the sensual, the cognitive, and the erotic. After all, at a time of greatly declining birth rates in Western civilization, isn't that in the interest of all of us? That is also why we want to build and develop erotic intelligence together with you in society. Erotic intelligence is a combination of body, mind, heart and soul - a way of using all the senses to develop feeling and receptivity to its full vibrancy and potential. Bohemian Taboo is here to help us become more erotically intelligent.