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Bohemian Taboo

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A panel discussion will take place at PFW 2022



As part of this year's Entree Prague Fetish Weekend, which will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2022 at the Prague club Kotelna, the discussion panel Bohemian Taboo on the topic How…

Artists in Slovakia censored an exhibition

Dozvěděli jsme se


The owner of the exhibition space in Bratislava's Jurkoviova teplaren censored the exhibition MEDIUMM IS THE MESSAGE for Slovak artists Anna Maria Benová and

Interview with Anna Kopkova about polaroided nudity



As part of introducing the personalities who collaborate with Bohemian Taboo, we interviewed photographer Anna Kopkova.

Erotic Art Exhibition London 2022 will include artworks of Henryk Mrejzek



Photographer Henryk Mrejzek succeeded abroad when three of his photographs were selected for the prestigious Erotic Art Exhibition London 2022, which will take place from 28 April to 1 May 2022 at the Oxo in London.

About Bohemian Taboo

What all goes through your mind when you hear words like intimacy, sexuality or eroticism? Do those words stir emotions in you? Interest? Shame? Or are they difficult concepts for you to grasp? But aren't they a bit like the term environment? What is hidden under those few letters? I think we can agree that there's a lot. And that is why we would like not only to convey to you the complex possibilities of what we at Bohemian Taboo call erotic intelligence. However, a lot of it is still shrouded in various taboos and we want to try to open a discussion over some of these taboos, clarify some myths, demolish harmful prejudices, remind historical context, show the fascinating diversity but also its inseparable interconnectedness. We don't believe much in categories. Instead, we believe in interdisciplinary cooperation and that everything is connected to everything. We have created a broad platform dedicated to education, personal development, support for contemporary art and design, biohacking, queer and other alternative communities, aesthetic medicine, research, counselling, assisting disadvantaged groups and all other possible, hitherto little known, unsupported, tabooed or unfairly censored activities that overlap with personal intimacy, sexuality and eroticism. Bohemian Taboo is both a bridge and a crossroads for creators, service providers and all those who have something to offer on the one hand, for collectors, art investors, gallerists, and all others interested in this field on the other. Our aim is, among other things, to motivate people to become interested in eroticism and thus indirectly prevent the imminent extinction of Western civilization. Our first venture in 2019 was the book Bohemian Taboo Stories, which attracted media attention and met with positive feedback from readers and reviewers not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The book was selected as an interesting and beneficial project by the expert committee of the American Seattle Erotic Art Festival, which included an excerpt from the book in the Literary Art Anthology 2020, we were given the opportunity to present our work to visitors of the International Erotic Art Festival 2020 in Chile, and we entered into a partnership with Italian Discarded Magazine for their new section and print magazine The XXX focusing on contemporary photography of nudes and erotic art. 

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Bohemian Taboo Stories